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Top 6 Beauty Trends You Should Try This Summer: The Hottest Plastic Surgery

Want to maximize your best look with this summer’s top plastic surgery beauty trends but the thought of going under the knife gives you the chills? We haveve got some great news for you. Minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical treatments create a simple process to refining your already glamorous and youthful features. Confidence and hope are just a consultation away with these top beauty trends. What changes are you considering making?

Mini Facelift

The fear of undergoing a major operation often steers a potential patient away from a facelift. A mini facelift operation eliminates those pendulous wrinkles and loose skin to reshape the face. This plastic surgery trend is less invasive than a full facelift, with a quick recovery.

People often fear coming out of the operating room looking like a totally different person. A mini facelift avoids this entirely, simply giving you a refreshed and rejuvenated look. For the first time in years, you’ll look like you had an amazing night’s sleep.

Skin Procedures

Try a chemical or laser peel to rejuvenate the skin through a less invasive procedure meant for those who don’t want to go as far as a facelift or even mini facelift. This trend adds a refreshing look with glowing, healthy-looking skin. Remove layers of wrinkles, scars, and age spots to reveal what’s more youthful underneath.


Aging, sun damage, and general breakage of the skin can lead to the formation of wrinkles and lines around the mouth, eyes, and forehead. The always-growing beauty trend of Botox turns around the lack of confidence for an exhilarated summer look.

It’s true that some people take Botox too far and end up with a frozen, overly animated look. The truly skilled doctor, however, will simply use it to brighten up your face once more.

Restylane and Juvederm

Juvederm treatments are composed of natural body substances and reawaken your skin to a state of radiance. They are a top cosmetic dermatology option used for both wrinkle reduction and lip enhancement.

Brow Lift

As one of the most effective ways to obtain a more youthful look, brow lifts stand out amongst the many options for plastic surgeries. Excessive skin is removed to tighten the face and as a result, take years off your appearance.

Unwanted attention can be drawn to the face as a result of drooping eyebrows and hanging eyelids. A simple lift will draw these features upward, much closer to where they used to be.


Start the swimsuit season off right with a natural body fat reduction. Looking for a tummy tuck in toronto, head downtown. You can get a revolutionary weight loss procedure that increasingly produces results over the span of two to three months following treatment. There are no incisions and it doesn’t require anesthesia. What makes Liposonix so special is that it’s the only treatment that is able to focus on fat based specifically on its depth. This makes for more localized attention to your problem areas, like the tummy and thighs. Take a simple approach to a slimmer, more refined body figure.


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Head-to-Toe Spring Dressing From Piperlime VP Lexi Tawes

 by: Nicola Fumo

Spring Forward: Piperlime


Mother The Looker, $275

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Tiered Silk Maxi Dress, $418

Rory Beca Fern Phoenix Racer Back Silk Tank, $145

“No pant is more versatile to dress up or down than worn cropped denim and with all the hem interest and varying lengths, the added bonus is you can have a lot of fun coordinating with shoes. These authentic denim washes give instant cool to anything you pair with them and they offer a great contrast to the sweetness of the floral trend.”

Joe’s Skinny Ankle, $158
McGuire Mrs. Robinson Jean, $198

Current/Elliot The Cropped Straight Jean, $228

“If there is one flat shoe to buy this season, it is the slip on sneaker. Pair with a girly dress or some great cropped pants for some downtown attitude– these shoes are comfortable, cool and will take you anywhere.”

Joie Kidmore, $190
Steve Madden The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden Tnyc, $140
Sam Edelman Becker, $110
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Sarah Sophie’s { Special Sort Of Sorcery }

SarahSophieFlicker1As far as we’re concerned, Sarah Sophie Flicker ~ star of The Sorceress (our latest collaboration withShae DeTar) ~ is the grooviest woman in any room. She’s as nice as it gets, as creative as can be. She’s a dreamer and a doer with a dizzyingly dramatic flair for living. Her unique beauty and sense of style are infamous, and she navigates a colorful, of-her-own-creation career that encompasses everything from aerialist performance artist to founding member and creative director of The Citizens Band to director of award-winning PSAs that raise awareness for issues ranging from the environment to women’s rights. She’s an Editor-At-Large for Lula Magazine, a writer for HelloGiggles and Rookie Magazine, and a mother of three with husband Jesse Peretz (a director on HBO’s Girls). She’s a text message away from feminist, filmmaking and fashion icons like Lena Dunham, Miranda July, Petra Collins and Karen Elson. Even better, she manages it all in the most enviable array of theatrical headdresses…

How did The Citizens Band come to be?
We came together out of sheer frustration after the 2004 election. I’d always wanted to do a political cabaret and this moment just called for it. Incredibly, our core group of founders are still together 10 years later. We just keep on picking up members as we go. Some of the founders include Rain PhoenixKaren ElsonMark McAdamRachelle GarniezAdam CrystalJorjee Douglass, Mike Jackson, Ian Buchanan ~ just a mind blowing talented group of comrades! Our newer members include Nina PerssonZoe Kravitz, and Amanda Topaz.

What’s coming up next for the troupe?
We try to be most active around election cycles. The midterms are coming up and we’ve got some songs to sing and messages to relay! Now, more than ever, the midterm elections are crazy important. The worst draconian laws/policies are being passed on the local level. I’ll be working on this both with The Citizens Band and with Lady Parts Justice.

You’re contributing to a new book about the interiors of creative types. Can you tell us a little about it? When will it be released?
I was asked by my friend Kim Ficaro to write the forward for her book “The Inspired Home: Nests Of Creatives” (put out by Rizzoli). She also shot my old office for it. It’s a deeply beautiful book out in April.

Your vintage collection is legendary. What’s your secret to successful eBay shopping?
A lot of my stuff dates back to the salad days of vintage shopping: the 90′s! I cut my teeth in San Francisco vintage shops, back when you could get a Victorian tea dress for a song. Those days are over, but years spent around vintage taught me to know what to look for ~ even over the internet! For great vintage costumes, Halloween browsing is key. Beautiful old costumes go for pocket change in early fall.
SarahSophieFlicker2You recently co-directed and appeared in a fashion film for Samantha Pleet. How do you approach the storytelling process of a project like this?
I work with Maximilla Lukacs on everything from fashion films to political PSA’s. With the more fantastical work, we usually start with images we love or a quote ~ something small and build up from there. With Samantha Pleet, she usually has a story she wants to tell. Samantha is a dream to work with because her vision is so clear and her drive is so passionate. She wanted to tell a story incorporating The Never Ending Story with Joan Of Arc! Naturally, this made a ton of sense to us. You can see the film HERE.

You’re a performer, writer, actress, activist, aerialist, director and absolute fashion icon! Creatively, what are you yearning to do that has not yet been a possibility?
Oh geez. I’d love to write a book or two. I get asked a lot about pregnancy, birth and parenting while maintaining a life as an artist. I have a lot to say on this topic. I suppose that may be my next challenge! In general, I’m just trying to keep my head above water with three kids. A big part of this is satisfying my own creative goals while being the best momma I can be. It’s a tricky tightrope walk, but feels so great in those moments where a balance is struck! (Ed. note: Sarah wrote a fantastic piece on this topic for HelloGiggles)SarahSophieFlicker3When I get dressed in the morning, I think what character am I going to be today?

My greatest fashion moment was donning the crown my daughter made me for the births of her two younger brothers.

These days, the thing I most often wear is headdresses and this great fake fur coat from Topshop. I wish my answer was floaty see-through shifts….longing for spring!

Performing is when I feel the freest.

My favorite artist… there are too many. Pina Bausch is one. Odetta is another.

I’d like to steal costumes from a turn of the century circus.

Modern art is democratic. At least one hopes that the internet has made it so!

Romance is hard won, but the most noble venture. Growing old with my husband & reveling in the life we created together.

I’ll never be organized // I want to be organized

My top beauty essential is sleep.

Every woman should own an eyelash curler (a great substitute for sleep!)

Every man should own soft t-shirts. So nice to lay one’s head on.

The coolest place I’ve ever been is Christiania in Copenhagen

My husband is my partner in all things. He meets me in the middle which I value deeply.

Right now, I’m obsessed with the NPR show “On Being” and vintage kimono fabric.

Vintage is honoring history and uniqueness.

Being a glamourai means fiercely owning your point of view. SarahSophieFlicker4

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The Increasing Popularity of Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation

By Dr. John T. Alexander, II–San Diego

According to statistics from ASPS, BOTOX® Cosmetic was the number one nonsurgical procedure performed in the United States last year. With over six million injections performed in the U.S. in 2012, there were actually far more appointments booked for this noninvasive rejuvenation option compared to the more than 120,000 facelifts performed the same year. Why has there been such an increase in the popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation options for looking younger compared to surgery?

facial rejuvenation

Endless Customization
Part of the reason there are so many nonsurgical procedures performed these days is that there are so many different options for products and techniques compared to surgery. For example, BOTOX® is just one type of muscle relaxer that can help smooth away dynamic wrinkles. And there are over a half-dozen different kinds of dermal fillers available for minimizing deeper wrinkles, as well as filling in facial scars or enhancing the lips.

If there’s one thing today that people love more than ever, it’s having plenty of choices; that attitude definitely includes cosmetic procedures. Having such a variety of options helps men and women feel more confident that they’ll be able to find a treatment that will work best for their appearance goals.

Treatments Designed for Today’s Lifestyle
Men and women today are busier than ever. Setting aside the couple of weeks that would be necessary for surgery and recovery time after a facelift may be challenging when looking at work schedules, kids’ activities and how much vacation time you have saved up. Yet, nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures can be completed over a lunch break. BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and dermal fillers take just a few minutes to administer, and the results appear in a few days.

Additionally, for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments like microdermabrasion, facials and chemical peels, appointments really can feel a lot more like an indulgence than a medical treatment. This means a nice break from a stressful week, plus improving your appearance at the same time. It’s really a win-win approach, especially for hard-working multitaskers.

Safe for Commitment-Phobes
As consumers become more savvy and educated, they’re also becoming less reluctant to commit to anything they’re not 100 percent sure about. Nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures are often temporary, lasting several months before a maintenance treatment is needed. For men and women who may feel hesitant about committing to the permanence of surgery, injectables and fillers offer the perfect “try it on and see if you like it” approach to improving their look.

In fact, it’s also common for patients to try out injectables and fillers as part of a regular anti-aging regimen for a few years, then move forward with surgery once they feel more comfortable with how their results are likely to look. It’s almost like nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures are the training wheels to help patients prepare for surgery down the road.

The low risk factor and very low complication rates associated with noninvasive rejuvenation techniques are also a big endorsement for today’s skeptical consumers. Most dermal fillers are based on substances the body produces naturally, making any risk of adverse reaction quite minimal. And of course, without surgery, there aren’t any incisions, scars or recovery time to worry about. For all of these reasons, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation is definitely here to stay.

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WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

After weeks of intense classes and stressful exams, a relaxing vacation is much deserved. Often associated with wild beach parties, spring break occurs at the most opportune time in the semester. It allows students to forget their academic responsibilities and to cherish a week or two of temporary freedom. While copious amounts of fun in the sun is not on every student’s agenda, spending time enhancing personal style should be. Look to this week’s Fashionista for an idea of how to dress on a casual day during break.

This Fashionista looks effortlessly cool in her neutral ensemble, which offers a deviant take on spring colors. Instead of opting for the predictable pastels and floral prints, she wears an earthier palette. Her choices of colors and fabrics are rather refreshing and in tune with the transitioning weather. A pretty patterned skirt with a chiffon trim is the focal point of her outfit. She builds on it with a simple gray top and a chunky knit cardigan. Sticking to the classic accessories, this Fashionista sports black tights and flats, a long linked necklace and a muted red lip. She also wears a small, drawstring backpack to for holding her essentials.

This spring break, take a chance on style. Steer away from the expected trends and opt for a look that is more about comfort and practicality. Wear a basic top with a patterned skirt to keep things interesting. Don a long string of pearls or beads and swipe on a subtle lipstick for a chic pout. Pull out the cozy grandfather cardigan and throw it on top of everything. Slip into a pair of go-to flats, grab a tiny bag and head out for a calm springtime stroll.

One Simple Change: Swap the cardigan for a bright blazer when heading to an internship. The structure of the blazer will make the outfit professional and the color will add some whimsy.

Style On,
Sampada Nandyala
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Top 10 men’s collections from Paris fashion week

by: Robert Patos

The much anticipated and often argued most prevalent of the big 4 fashion weeks, made its forthcoming decent upon the alluring city of Paris. Following obligatory stops in London and Milan, all eyes turned towards the French fashion capital as noted design houses unleashed their latest couture contributions for the world to appreciate. With influential public figures in attendance coupled with an all-consuming anticipation, the stage was now set to celebrate all that is magnificent in French design.

After careful, thought provoking deliberation, we offer up ten of the best looks and statements from theautumn 2014 men’s showings at Paris Fashion Week.

best paris men's fashion week collections

Haider Ackermann winter 2014.

Making his inaugural appearance at PFW for menswear, Haider Ackermann did not disappoint with this wonderfully texturized ensemble. His two-toned tuxedo blazer teamed impeccably with the deep brown Henley pullover and offbeat print patterned scarf and trousers.

See More: Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2014

haider ackermann fall 2014

Lanvin winter 2014.

Lanvin brilliantly accentuates this deep brown two-piece suiting option with electric pink sneakers, matching hued button-down and crewneck mesh top drawing in the optimal level of attention.

See More: Lanvin Fall/Winter 2014

lanvin fall 2014

Givenchy winter 2014.

In a surprisingly bold manner, Riccardo Tisci crafted his range with a streetball aesthetic clearly in mind. This outfit featuring a mesh-laced top adorned with a basketball-patterned print was playfully accessorised amongst a black snapback and mesh facemask.

See More: Givenchy Fall/Winter 2014

givenchy fall 2014

Maison Martin Margiela winter 2014.

Flaunting a modernistic interpretation of a menswear staple, Maison Martin Margiela intricately crafts a trench coat with asymmetric draping accents over the left shoulder and around the top collar portion creating a scarf semblance.

See More: Maison Martin Margiela Fall/Winter 2014

maison martin margiela fall 2014

Yohji Yamamoto winter 2014.

In his signature aesthetic, Yohji Yamamoto utilised an assortment of prints and relaxed silhouettes in his widely eclectic range. This feature ensemble flaunts an elongated half-zip printed jumper grouped with equally lavish printed trousers, a wool turtleneck and an on-trend oxblood fedora.

See More: Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2014

yohji yamamoto fall 2014

Saint Laurent winter 2014.

Classically sophisticated accurately depicts this Saint Laurent number. A loosely structured houndstooth printed overcoat blankets a sharp black v-neck pullover and pleated trousers helping to round out this smart ensemble.

See More: Saint Laurent Fall/Winter 2014

saint laurent fall 2014

Valentino winter 2014.

In a spirited attempt to keep the military’s camo print active, Valentino offered a tweed camo printed two-piece suit that that worked well within the confines of his varied collection.

See More: Valentino Fall/Winter 2014

valentino fall 2014

Carven winter 2014.

Minimally stylised whilst still achieving a gentlemanly appeal, Guillaume Henry opted for a beautifully structured double-breasted outerwear piece to team with a pair of loose-fitting trousers, white oxfords and a texturized black beanie.

See More: Carven Fall/Winter 2014

carven fall 2014

Agnes B winter 2014.

Outfitted in varying shades of grey, a minimalist appeal was realised in this Agnes B offering. Opting for complimenting textiles such as leather, tweed and suede showcased superb textural range.

See More: Agnes B Fall/Winter 2014

agnes b fall 2014

Kris Van Assche winter 2014.

A profound use of color was sharply evident in this Kris Van Assche contemporary look. A low slung color blotched top was a statement worthy piece juxtaposed along a clean white button-down and short lapelled two piece suit.

See More: Kris Van Assche Fall/Winter 2014

kris van assche fall 2014


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5 blue eye-makeup looks to try this weekend

Aside from encouraging us to embrace our natural beauty, the spring 2014 beauty trends also applauded the idea of a warm season dipped in the boldest of colours, for looks that are clearly meant to morph into full statements. Reimagining the use of blue eyeshadow in new and modern ways, the runways proved that the tricky shade still belongs in our spring and summer repertoire, if approached correctly.

From frosty blues, to cobalt, turquoise and aqua, transitioning from day to night with a little use of imagination, the following make-up looks will leave you longing for more. Find the complete series of tutorials, after the break.

Blue eyeshadow video roundup


Frosty ‘n’ Flirty – Blue Pastel Makeup Tutorial

Sweet, delicate and made sophisticated by the use of pastel blue eyeshadow, this look is both easy to emulate and extremely wearable if given a chance:


Cobalt Blue Smoky Eye Tutorial

The evenings beg for looks that are both luxurious and intense; here’s where the cobalt blue eyeshadow can easily cast its vibrancy as made irresistible with pearlescent touches:


Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Inspired Eyeliner

The beauty look at Marc Jacobs spring 2014 presentation was all about a graphic attitude and bold pops of blue. You can now recreate the blue cat eyes in a few easy steps:


Pop of Blue Makeup Tutorial

A pop of colour used in unexpected ways, or unexpected combinations can often lead to a gorgeous make-up look. As proven by Dulce Candy with her smart play on intense blues:


Jewel Blue Makeup Tutorial

Another cobalt blue look for the evening, ready to remind you about all the great things in using such a bold, statement colour. Pretty, fun and vibrant, find the jewel blue makeup tutorial below:


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